Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Simply Tuesday...

I said awhile back that I sold a gallon of BBQ sauce to a guy that has a catering business. Well.. I got the feedback today... and it was... everybody loved it.

And to top that off...my sauce was tried by a couple of professional chefs...and they thought it was awesome.

That in itself...is gold to me...I couldn't ask for anything better in my wildest dreams, than to have these folks say...I have awesome stuff.

That is a big time confidence booster on my part...and proves that I can compete with the big boys. I'm coming...one step at a time.

Below, are the beef short ribs, covered in the rub only. I cooked them to an internal temperature of 150. Next time, I will take them up to 155 or 160, just to see what happens. They were tender and moist, but they could go to the next level.

I'm almost there...

These things can become addictive...


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