Sunday, April 13, 2008

Weekend Report...

Everything takes twice as long as you plan for and produces results about half as good as you hoped. There’s no reason to be downhearted about this. Just allow for it and move on.

You either get washed out of your shorts or you get blown out of them.

Here a day or two ago with torrential downpours of rain, to yesterdays gusty winds that changed direction so quick sometimes it was hard to do anything except hold on to something and pray.

It makes it tough on a backyard grill master exposed to the elements. I could shoot myself for not thinking about that when this house was being built. I was thinking of room and space, not thinking about getting drowned by rain or blown away by Mr. Breeze.

That's something I need to work on...

Needless to say, the weekend weather has not been kind to me...

Today, is going to be cloudy and cold again, with a chance of frost tonight.

You just gotta love or hate Tennessee weather. As the saying goes, "just hang around awhile... it'll change."

Enjoy your day...

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