Saturday, January 02, 2010

This & That...

Holy crap Batman...

Yes indeed Batman. It is colder than a female well digger wearing a brass bra in Alaska.

That's cold my friends...

I need to invent Thermonuclear underwear for just this occasion, I'd be a rich hillbilly. I know they got long johns and battery powered socks but that just slows down the cold weather.

But Thermonuclear underwear would be the ticket. And powered by green technology too!

I'm almost afraid to ask...what green technology?

That's easy.

You know they use corn to make ethanol as an additive for gas, so we'll just make our own gas.

Now I am afraid to are you going to make gas for warming underwear?

That's easy.

Green unlimited source of green gas routed into a built in micro processing methane combustion converter that is piped into a thermal transfer nuclear fusion reactor that transfuses the green gas into heat for the seat and therefore becomes Thermonuclear combustion resulting in warm undies.

It must be a slow day...

How can you tell?


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