Saturday, January 23, 2010

This & That...

Today, is my brother-in-law Dale's B-day.

Dale is the same age as me, a young 52 but sometimes we feel like we're 62.

So I'm sure the grill will be fired up today.

It may wind up being too windy this afternoon as the Wicked Wind of the North and the Blow Your House Down Wind of the South duke it out and Sister Rain throws in her 2 cents tonight.

We are in that region of land that becomes a boxing ring for the elements this time of year. A push forward and retreat back, kind of dance...

Today's high will be 61, but the trade off is the wind and rain.

As the weather progresses into next week the temperature will drop, Sister Rain will have her way, Cousin Windy will get into the fray and an all out 'free for all' will commence. The high next Friday will be in the 30's with a chance of snow.

Now I realize that is a long way off forecast and subject to change, but around here, anything is possible come hell or high water. And right now...

Sister Rain is in a mood.
Old Man Winter is in a snit.
Cousin Wendy is a blowhard gossip.
Mr. Sunshine is on vacation.
Mother Nature is passed out on the couch.
Father Time is kicked back sipping on a cold one.

And we're caught in the middle of this family feud that happens every year around this time.


Happy B-day Dale.

We'll see you this afternoon and I'll bring the umbrella...just in case.


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