Sunday, January 17, 2010

Weekend Report...

Get me another bartender! is what General Half-Track ordered when Zero told him what the rocks were for.

Life can be that way sometimes. Here we are into a new year and work has lost its mind. Once again the Gods Kazoo and Kayos are in command. So I agree with the General...get me another bartender.

We did a peeled tenderloin on the charcoal grill (in the rain) last night for the birthday girl and the family. I thought we might have to pull it off and finish it in the oven but Dale grabbed an umbrella to cover the grill and we finished it off.

I could kick myself for not thinking out the outside cooking space any better than I did. To be never crossed my mind. But when you get wet a few times, it's time to do something.

I'm looking at options right now. This little problem will be solved this year...

My son wanted to cook today, but guess what? Yep...'s raining.


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