Sunday, January 10, 2010

Weekend Report...

I feel better today...

I never ran a fever and I know it was not the flu, so it must have been some little inconspicuous bug that hitched a ride or my immune system was low from stress.

Now, I ain't no Doc, but I do know my body. I'm thinking it's a combination of everything.

My buddy WhiteTrashBBQ told me this in a comment from the last post:

When I was 11, my piano teacher's husband gave me the best cure for the common cold I ever experienced. He made me a 7 and 7. Worked like a charm.

Still does.

I know things like that work. When I was younger and had a cold or the flu, I would drink a gallon of Donald Duck Orange Juice and a pint of Vodka. Ain't nothing Vitamin C and Vodka wouldn't kill or cure.

7&7 is a good cure as well. And you know way back in the day liquor was the cure of choice for everything.

Arthritis-take a shot
Rheumatism-take a shot
Toothache-take a shot
Tummy ache-take a shot
Shootout at high noon-take several shots

Well you get the picture...

So Robert's piano teacher's husband was a wise man.

What is it they say?

Starve a cold, drown a fever
Feed a cold, starve a fever

Slap whoever gave you this crap...


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